I like the idea of having Friday off and turning every weekend into a three day weekend. I did just that this week and spent Friday and Saturday lounging with visiting relatives and old friends, wrestling my brothers into Mother’s Day Photo appropriate outfits, and eating more maple almond butter than is really acceptable.

However, it is almost two in the morning and sleep remains a wily and elusive fox, so carry on I shall with my updates for the list.

I’m still not back home, so I figured that planning what to start on when I return was a good (enough) start.

The first task I’m planning to tackle is 10. Take a cooking class. I’ve taken a few before both at Williams and Sonoma and at a private kitchen and I prefer the latter immensely. Gainesville has quite a few cooking classes; one of them is even through the University! Take Away Gourmet and Spice Up Your Life! seem like the best fit for me. I’m really leaning towards SUYL-it is more expensive but the class is much smaller (1 on 1) and I can pick whatever I want to learn. I think I’ll treat myself as a belated birthday present.

Task 12. Learn how to make perfect croissants stems from my obsession with Uppercrust bakery. I go at least once a week and rarely leave with only one item. Their croissants are heavenly-I haven’t been able to eat croissants from anywhere else in months because nothing compares. I have a feeling that HowSweetEat’s recipe for croissants will give Uppercrust a run for the money. It also stands to reason that Julia Child, the queen of French cooking, knows her way around a croissant or two. To be sure that I achieve my goal of making “perfect” croissants, I really must try both recipes. Clearly, I have no aversion to butter.

Moving right along to task 14. Read an encyclopedia cover to cover. When I wrote that, I fully had the intention sitting down with stacks upon stacks of all of the volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica and laboring through on my way to crossword champion glory. Then I realized that I wasn’t looking forward to that and decided that the Marvel Encyclopedia is just as valid and (sadly) probably more relevant to my life. Also, my little brother already has this one and I don’t think that he’ll mind sharing. Hopefully I’ll have this one finished up pretty soon.

And finally, task 29. Do a juice cleanse. After posting this list, it took me approximately 15 seconds to realize that I don’t have a juicer, nor do I consider a 3 day juice cleanse sufficient reason to buy one. What I do have is a blender. A wonderful, durable blender that I picked up for $20 at Target a few years ago. I like to use my blender to make smoothies. Sometimes they involve ice cream and chocolate syrup. Normally, they have at least a little fruit. The point of the juice cleanse was to try something new that is also healthy and will leave me feeling more refreshed. Rumor has it that the green smoothie¬†does all of that without making me buy a juicer. You just add bananas and spinach together with whatever other fruit you would like and a little water and you’re done. Sounds like a plan to me!


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